We design and build awesome things for awesome people

You have 
a project?
an idea?

Work Smarter Not harder

Sure, heard that one before. But we actually mean it.

Web Design, Software or Mobile App Development, we always seek out a smarter and more efficient way to do things,

This saves our clients lots of money, and enables us to overdeliver on value.

With a smile like that, you really must have come up with something smart.


On how many of our projects do we make smaller or bigger mistakes?


How many of our mistakes do we correct to make it right?


How many of our clients have we lost the last 5 years?


Messer Upper
Puts out fires


Should really work at Apple
Never likes Cato's designs


Looks like a geek - and is a geek
Cleans up Cato's code


Support Ticket Chief
Saves the day and cleans up


That’s it. If you can’t grab someone’s attention in a few seconds, you have lost them forever. People don’t read anymore, they swipe. It used to be all about the content. Now, the content is actually secondary to design and functionality. Your content can be exactly what your visitor is looking for. But if the presentation is poor, They won’t even see it.

So building a great website or mobile app is not just about uploading your content. The design and functionality has to capture the visitor in a way that makes them stay, and remember you for next time. We do that by carefully planning the use of shapes, colors, fonts, images, videos, buttons, animations, and effects. 

Samples of Web Design we have delivered to clients

Samples of Mobile Apps we have delivered to clients

IOS & Android

How we price and run our projects


We never quote work by an hourly rate. You have no idea how much time something will take. That would be like handing over your wallet. We give you a fixed quote so you can easily make a descision.


Your price will include both the build out of your project as well as the future hosting, maintenance, ongoing support, etc. We don’t run away, we stick with you and help you any way we can.


We only use well known technologies and platforms. This ensures that your project will always be compliant with browsers and devices. It also means your development cost will be lower.


Most of our clients never do design projects, and it’s a little intimidating. We take full charge from day 1, letting the client sit back and give their input on the visuals. Then we correct and adjust from there, until the client is happy.

Do you build software too?

Yes, we do. We build cloud based software and web applications for pretty much anything. The process is the same as for web design and mobile apps, but it requires a lot more involvement from the client when it comes to specifications, functionality, etc.

Where web design is easy when it comes to making changes, software is not. So the planning phase and the vision for what you want has to be really clear.

When it comes to pricing, here is a million dollar tip. Be clear on your idea, but be open when it comes to solutions. The reason is, exactly what you were thinking can have a very high cost to it. With a different solution, but same functionality and outcome, you can save huge amounts of money.

We help our clients navigate this by making suggestions, thinking outside the box.

Below are some screenshots from our Google Review Software.

The software helps local businesses build their reputation and drive new clients to them by automating the process of inviting customers to leave a review, and manage a follow up sequence.

If you want to see more, visit www.gettreviews.com

Easy to use interface where you add your contacts.

Preconfigured sequence of invitations and reminders.

Use prewritten invitations, or write your own.

Live Dashboard connected to your Google account.